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Horizon DataSys Inc. - Publishers of Disaster Recovery Software Rollback RX and other desktop security products.
ReclaimPro - Publisher of data recovery software ReclaimPro.


Video and Multimedia Dimension

VM Factor presents Professional Videos and Demonstrations for your site, products and Support.

Ever wonder whether every customer knows the full potential of your products? Or why you get such trivial support queries? Although Internet has reduced the commutation for marketing, yet the best sales pitch is done face to face.We read, we Know. We watch, we learn.

  • Show your products in action, backed with Voice Narration
  • Market your Brand
  • Virtual Tours of feature set of your product and services
  • Software and Service usability videos
  • Training and Support tutorials


Focus Area
  • Engage your Audience
  • Connect with the potential customer and visitors
  • Explain the true potential of your products and services
  • Reduce the Technical Support Cost
  • Quick turn around of support issues, Efficiently
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